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Commonly Asked Questions

Baton Rouge Foot Care serves as an information resource as well as solution to foot-related problems. Here are some of the most common questions we encounter:
My foot hurts, should I come in for a visit?
  • Generally, feet do not start hurting without a reason. Something as small as worn shoes or excessive walking can trigger soreness. We have no way of knowing if something is amiss with your foot without a proper examination in our office.
I cut my foot open and I have put bandages on it, should I come it for an exam?
  • If the wound is not too deep and has stopped bleeding, you should be fine. However, if the wound looks swollen or is red and inflamed, come in today if possible. Keeping the wound clean and dry will aid in healing.
I stubbed my toe and it is very painful, but I can still hobble on that foot. Is my toe broken?
  • Generally, if it is your big toe we need to see you for an X-ray and possibly setting the bone in place to properly heal. The other toes, unless the bones are drastically broken, will not be able to be set and should just be secured with bandaging from being bumped or jarred.
It is best to see a podiatrist regarding any issues you encounter with your feet, so contact us for a visit to Baton Rouge Foot Care today!