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See a Podiatrist for Diabetic Foot Care

People with diabetes are a high risk for even simple tasks. One of the most common recommendation for those living with diabetes is to visit a podiatrist. These doctors, who specialize in foot care, are able to assist diabetic patients in more ways than one.

General Foot Care

Because skin is thinner in people with diabetes, the risk of damage to the feet is increased. Therefore, it is recommended that diabetic patients see podiatrists for generalized foot care, such as removal of calluses and corns or even trimming toenails.

Swelling in Feet

People’s feet naturally swell at different intervals of the day. However, prolonged swelling can be a symptom of diabetes as fluid pools to the feet. People who experience frequent or abnormal swelling should consult a podiatrist.

Numbness in Feet

Referred to as neuropathy, numbness in the feet occurs when nerve endings become desensitized. For diabetic patients, it can signal blood loss to the foot, which is one of the primary reasons for amputation. Loss of nerve sensation can also make it difficult to tell if there is a wound on the feet, leading to further complications.
Diabetes is a disease that affects millions of Americans each year. A podiatrist is just one line of defense in the fight against this disease. For a consultation, contact Baton Rouge Foot Care at 225-763-7770.