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Diabetic Foot Care


Foot Care & Treatment for Diabetic Patients in Baton Rouge

Diabetes is a complex condition that can affect every part of your body, including your feet. Diabetic patients often deal with pain, numbness and tingling sensations as a result of peripheral diabetic neuropathy in the nerves. Nerve damage is just one of many effects diabetes can have on a patient’s foot, and it is important to control blood glucose, blood sugar and insulin levels in order to prevent complications. Baton Rouge Foot Care offers podiatric care to diabetics in the Baton Rouge area, so don’t hesitate to come to us for compassionate and professional treatment.

Diabetic Charcot Foot

Diabetic Charcot foot and skin ulcerations are two of the most serious afflictions that can affect a diabetic’s feet. The former is a serious ailment that can threaten legs and require limb salvage. Those suffering from the condition often experience distended joints, swelling and tenderness in the foot that has been affected by the condition.

Choosing the Right Shoe Makes a Difference

Peripheral neuropathy caused by diabetes can cause uncomfortable tingling and pain throughout your feet. Diabetic shoes work to combat these sensations through specially tailored designs. We have a range of options available for comfortable footwear.

Contact Us in the Baton Rouge Area

There are a number of unique health problems faced by patients with diabetes, and podiatric complications are not the least of these. Baton Rouge Foot Care offers diabetic neuropathy and ingrown toenail care  for patients in the greater Baton Rouge and the Greater Baton Rouge areas. Whether you need shoes that will accommodate diabetes or treatment for a specific condition, we can help. Schedule an appointment by reaching out to us at 225-763-7770.