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Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Well-Trained and Experienced Team of Medical Experts


Bre - Office Manger

Meet our Office Manager, Bre. She oversees all staff and office activities. She is responsible for making sure that the office staff works together to bring you understanding and satisfaction throughout the process.
Bre also is the surgical coordinator for Baton Rouge Foot Care. Surgical coordinators are responsible for all aspects of pre-operation activities and maintaing our surgeon's schedule. She will follow a patient through many stages of preparatory work, such as maintaining medical clearances and working with your insurance.
Bre can answer any of your billing and insurance questions. She is also in charge of the office's procedures and policies. 
Do not hesitate to contact her with any questions, needs, or concerns. She will make it her mission to help you.

Erin - Head Nurse

Erin has been with BRFC for 6 years and is Dr. Richardson's right hand woman. She is our Medical Assistant and is a vital asset to our company.
She will make you feel comfortable and content during your visit at Baton Rouge Foot Care with her upbeat and compassionate attitude.
You will often see her in the exam room giving Dr. Richardson a hand with patient triage, the exam, and procedures. She can answer most of your medical concerns and questions, such as at-home care. She also ensures that refill requests are processed. 
Her other job responsibilities consist of managing authorizations, medical record requests, and many other tasks. Erin will ensure all of your questions are answered.

Alex - Receptionist/Office Assistant

Meet our front desk clerk, Alex. She has been with us since 2013. She will assist you with check-in, such as verifying your information and scanning all cards and paperwork. Alex will also call with a reminder about your upcoming appointments and inform you of any information that may be needed.
She assists with scheduling special tests, appointments, or labs that Dr. Richardson may order. Referrals are managed by Alex. She also ensures that all medical documents are scanned and updated. 
You will also go through Alex to check-out and she will schedule your follow up appointment, if need be.