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Plantar Fasciitis


Baton Rouge Podiatrist Offering Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

If you have been diagnosed and told to seek plantar fasciitis treatment, you might be wondering what exactly you are dealing with. The disorder commonly causes pain and discomfort in the heel due to an inward rolling motion that aggravates tears and scarring in the foot’s collagen. The condition is also called policeman’s heel because those officers with a beat on foot often develop heel pain and symptoms of the ailment. Baton Rouge Foot Care specializes in treating this and other podiatric problems, so if you suspect you may be dealing with plantar fasciitis, let us provide the relief you need.

Diagnosing & Caring for Foot Pain

In many cases, a simple treatment regimen involving rest, exercises and hot and cold therapy can alleviate symptoms within six months. In other cases, however, injections and even surgery may be necessary to rid the patient of symptoms. If no treatment is sought, results may vary, but the condition will generally worsen until the patient’s mobility decreases and pain intensifies. We can help you ensure that this does not happen and find the treatment option that is best suited to your needs.

Serving Oak Hills Place & Surrounding Areas

Many people do not realize how important the health of their feet is until something goes wrong and they are forced to seek treatment. Your feet are subject to an enormous amount of pressure every day, so it’s no wonder why issues such as plantar fasciitis become such a bother. Baton Rouge Foot Care offers assistance for this and other conditions, such as bunions. We can help you recover and get back on your feet in Baton Rouge. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please reach out to us at 225-763-7770.